A keen and dedicated team of Neurologists, Psychiatrist expert Neuro Intensive Care specialist along with supportive hands of Neuro-Radiologists, Rehabilitation specialists dieticians and life style counselors. The distinguished faculty of Neuro Science posses expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating disorder of nervous system affecting whole body spine, Brain, Hand, Legs, and Face. Neuro Surgery department offers some of the most sophisticated surgical treatments along with variety of non surgical approaches to normalise the patients.

THINGS WE DO Traumatic Brain Surgery, Brain Tumor Surgery, Acoustic Tumor, Spinal Tumor, VP- Shunting, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Acute Stroke Intervention, Epilepsy Management, Movement Disorder, Dementia, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Pediatric Neurology, Headache, Neuro muscular Disease, Peripheral Nerve Disease, Sleep Neurology, EEG/EMG, Botox Specialist, Dystonia, Migrain

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